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we are committed to our zero waste objective

Our Story

We created Boneless BBQ Chicken because of our love for BBQ sauce, we deem ourselves, BBQ connoisseurs. Our 12 signature BBQ sauces which represent the best BBQ sauces from around the planet are carefully curated.

We attend a lot of festivals and we were fed up with the seeing the same line up of food sellers. We wanted to create something different and special, unlike anything we had before. Our 3 brand values are variety, sustainability and efficiency.

Sustainability policy

One of the biggest issues with food-trucks is their high waste due to every meal is to go and the fact that they use mostly plastic plates, utensils and glasses. Also, food trucks are usually unable to separate their waste into general waste, recycling and compost. This is because they often don’t manage the waste streams on-site and most of the meals are taken away.

At Boneless BBQ chicken we are committed to making a change to the traditional wasteful food truck model and we are committed to our innovative approaches to minimize negative environmental impacts. We aim to source all our food and ingredients locally and we have a non zero single-use plastic policy. Also, we only use suppliers that we agree with their sustainability policies and use biodegradable materials wherever possible.

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